Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Our Sun Oven

I got a Sun Oven for my birthday this year.

A few days later, it was used to bake a loaf of Rosemary bread.

There are plans in the works for cookies, rice, brownies, some kind of chicken dish, and some soup or stew all baked/cooked with the power of the sun.
So stay tuned for updates on our cooking adventures.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A day filled with family

Last Thursday was a day filled with family. It was the day of my Uncle Erwin's funeral. He is my dad's only younger brother ~ the eighth child and fifth son of my Haws grandparents ~ and was my dad's only living sibling, until July 1 when he passed away.

It happened in a room in the ER in a local hospital, where he was surrounded by some of the many people who love him. It was a bitter-sweet time; good-byes with those we love are always difficult. As we stood close to each other in that quiet room, we heard the beeping of the monitor as it tracked his gradually slowing breathing and heartbeat, and the whispers on phones to loved ones too far away to be there in person.
We felt a sacred reverence for the event taking place. My grandfather Haws died when his family was young, at least his two youngest sons, my dad and my Uncle Erwin, were under 8 years old. As we waited, knowing the end of his life was minutes away, we thought of those who have gone before ~ his parents and brothers and sisters ~ and their joyful anticipation of a long-awaited reunion, only moments away.
Loving words were spoken, to and of him. The sacred priesthood power was exercised in his behalf, invoking the will of our Father, and expressing our love and respect for this man who has been such an influential part of our lives. Tears were shed, prayers were offered and heard. There were many hugs and 'I love you' s spoken, and we eventually left that room grateful to have been there to bid farewell to this man we love.
Thursday was a day filled with family ~ as we gathered to celebrate the life of our Uncle Erwin, and to rejoice in 'the great plan of happiness' of our God that promises us that families last forever.