Sunday, February 23, 2014

February 10th - 23rd

February 23rd
the bishop and Annie, his RS president and Joey, the Elder's Quorum president.
 February 22nd
dinner out with Gaylene and Spencer Call, Michelle and Chad Barlow, Clark and Saralee Swenson
at La Jolla Grove.
February 21st
I found some old photos of my dad.
Yes, that's Charlton Heston standing right next to him, 
my dad is on the far left.
 February 20th
car seats in our car again
 February 19th
we got tickets for the Men's Chorus concert in March
 February 18th
 February 17th
iPad kids
 February 16th
Sunday dinner group
Brenda, Cameron, Lisa, Daniel, Anna, John, and Analeze

 February 15th
learning the basics of drilling
 February 14th
February pansies, Valentine flowers.
February 13th
We've had many changes in our home over the past two months.
February 12th
can you see that tiny rock in my shoe, it bothered me for 3 miles!
How did it get in there?
 February 11th
Mom taking care of her sweetheart, my awesome dad.

 February 10th
Carter art on old 2nd ward stationary.
Love his spelling.

Monday, February 10, 2014

February 5th - 9th photos

Feb 9th
after a stake RS leadership meeting
with Lisa, Kimberly, Jessica and Annie
Feb 8th
making a photo book for Ella's birthday
 Feb 7th
back to my normal temple name tag, 
replaced as assistant shift coordinator today.
Feb 6th
fishing game with paper fish, paper clips and a magnet fishing pole
Feb 5th
we all got love notes from Carter today

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

January 27th - February 4th photos

 February 4th
at the BYU concert, it was beautiful.
Several members of the ward performed, here are Steve, Lauren and Mary.
 Feb 3rd
We got tickets today.
Feb 2nd
Cache art
Feb 1st
Scott at work, he loves it.

Jan 31st
It was my night to cook so we had blueberry waffles with plenty of cream.  
January 30th
the Harris-made snowman we met this afternoon.
Jan 29th
playing Old Maid with Jude
Jan 28th
everyday items are so useful with grandkids in the house ~ who knew our lamp was a jail?
 Jan 27th
best friends after all these years.