Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My weekend

Saturday my brother Jim got married and it was a celebration.
My day started early, so as I drove to the Salt Lake temple the sun was climbing over the mountains and it's light was just spilling into the valley. The freeway traffic was very light so my drive was relaxing and as I listened to my "Sunday Music" playlist I was deep-down happy.
Once in a while, more frequently lately, I am amazed at the love our Heavenly Father has for us. Just as Alma taught, 'I have all things as a testimony...'(Alma 30:41) of the love of God for his children. His blessings and tender mercies are all around us, and they were so obvious to me as a drove, I felt the joy that comes only from heavenly sources.
Our time in the temple was short but full of love and happiness. When I saw my dad come in tears came unexpectedly. He was in a wheelchair, looking less like the hero of my childhood, but still the man who taught everything worth knowing. He and mom continue to inspire me to stand taller, reach higher, and love more deeply, unconditionally, and constantly. For the second time ever I was in the holy temple with my parents and all of my brothers and sisters.
I watched Jim's face as  he looked at his sweetheart and became her husband for this life and all eternity; I am so very proud of him.

the newlyweds
Outside the temple there were lots of loved ones gathered, pictures taken, hugs, laughter, and happiness.
My dad with my nephews Greg, Kyle, Kendall and Nick
That afternoon serious last minute preparations were underway for the reception/party. Due to extremely windy conditions the venue was changed from mom and dad's backyard to the church next door. In spite of the last minute changes it was a beautiful evening with family and friends.
the cupcakes were delicious, and everyone got at least one lei
Just before starting for home I checked in with mom and dad as they were settling in for the night and we had a few quiet minutes to visit. It's difficult to watch those we love go through difficulties. My parents continue to teach me now as they face the changes that come with aging. Mom is totally devoted to dad, she is focused on taking care of him and making him happy. Dad never complains, and though he often looks at me like he is trying to remember who I am, he always tells me he loves me. I've been know to say that I don't like people to meet my parents because when they do they expect so much more of me.
The older I get the more I am convinced that family is everything. This past weekend was full of family and I loved every minute of it!