Wednesday, May 21, 2014

May 5th - 21st photos

 May 21st
our clematis is blooming, it gets better each year.

May 20th
our peonies are in bloom, so beautiful.
 May 19th
Why do I try to read so many books at the same time?
May 18th
our garden is getting along nicely.
 May 17th
 love the pansies! with a little bleeding heart mixed in.
 May 15th
Kids eating popcorn, even in the tree.
 May 14th
we got to visit the church dairy for Mutual tonight, it was very impressive.
May 13th ~ two today
above ~ we went shopping for a headstone today, 
my mom and sisters can make anything fun!
below ~ me with our beautiful Rachel.

May 12th
I've never seen this before, my brother Jim put it on Facebook and I nabbed it. 
 May 11th ~ three today
above ~ Tiffani came to visit and she brought us treats from Italy!
below ~ Jude with the book he wrote and illustrated for me for Mother's Day, 
and the book Carter wrote and illustrated. 
We have awesome grandkids.

 May 10th ~ two today
above ~ the sliver that finally came out of my finger, it was there for several weeks.
below ~ temple outing with the Mia Maids ~ 
McKenna, Anna, Emma, and Sarah
 May 9th
Connie loaned me these CD's, I am thoroughly enjoying them.
 May 8th ~ two today
above ~ Robin texted me this picture of Carter's homework. 
below ~a favorite picture of me with our awesome Steve!

 May 7th
my first Physical Therapy visit,
Astym treatment ~ he warned me that it would hurt.
 May 6th
Sister's day turned into lunch
dinner at GoodWood, yummy!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

April 29th - May 4th photos

May 4th
it's 'read on the deck while you barbeque' weather...finally!
May 3rd
we got things planted and the yard shaped up.
Hooray for spring! 
 May 2nd
Daniel and Amanda at their wedding reception.
May 1st
such a telling picture of Jude ~
playing with the bark at the playground 
and his black eye. 
 April 30th
a wonderful evening at the temple with my mom and other family members,
(Dave was there but had to leave before the picture was taken.)
April 29th
I bought my own Personal Progress book today 
and found a notebook to use with it.
I'm excited to earn another YW award.