Monday, February 18, 2013

February 18

 Today was wonderfully different from the very start.
Just a minute or so after midnight I got a text from Steve ~ they were at the hospital. How could I sleep after that? We got updates every few hours, and I did sleep a little in between. We got up and were just ready to start breakfast when the phone rang and he said it was all over, she was finally here. So we grabbed the left over muffin from yesterday and one banana on our way out the door. A few minutes later we saw him, our amazing son holding his brand new daughter.

After an hour or two we left and headed to one of our favorite places for lunch, since we didn't have a decent breakfast.

 Then, to my surprise, we went to the Mac store. Not that that is so surprising, it is one of my husband's favorite places to go. But when we came out, this is what we had with us!

Our next stop was along University Ave, where the Provo Tabernacle is being renovated into a temple. That was our original plan for the day, to go see this and take some pictures. It's pretty impressive what is happening, the building has not moved a bit, but it sure looks like it has. It will take a couple more years to complete the project, it's supposed to look like it did when it was built back in about 1884. Here is what it looks like today.

 Before going home, we also drove to Payson, to check on the progress of the Payson temple. Here is a picture of what we found.

As you can see, it's been an unforgettable day.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Down Hill and Up Hill

Jogging is part of my therapy, I find that I have insightful thoughts along the way.
This morning I was reminded that my route is mostly downhill, a slow gradual descent, until I turn around to come home, at which point I have, of course, a slow gradual ascent.
That's kind of like my life. The first part, the first 20 years or so, were pretty easy.  I had the usual growing-up challenges and struggles, but nothing big or too difficult. I have amazing parents who love each other, and 6 siblings who I mostly got along with. My life was filled with good things, wonderful things. I was very happy.

The second part of my life, way over half, has been more like my jogs home ~ more up hill than down. I have a great husband and 5 of the best kids anywhere, and now 10 grandchildren. This phase of my life has brought new situations and challenges that have stretched me and made me grow. It has required more effort, planning, discipline, inspiration, and creativity than I knew I could muster.  I have had disappointments, frustration, excitement, and lots of joy.

I guess the main difference is that in the down-hill part of my life, other people were paving the way for me, guiding, teaching, encouraging, and cheering. My life was founded on their love, support and constant efforts for me. I have benefited from the teaching, strength, testimony, and example of so many: my parents and brothers and sisters, a large extended family, Primary, Sunday School, Mutual, Seminary and Institute teachers and leaders, and bishops, plus school teachers and so many great friends. Going up hill teaches me about their efforts and sacrifices for me; what they did and what it cost them to help me grow, learn, and progress.
Now is my time to provide support and encouragement, to create environments of learning and situations where we can feel the Spirit, to build, lift, cheer, and teach. It's my privilege to testify and give my assurance that life is good, God lives, difficulties are worth going through, prayers are answered, there is good in every situation.
 Going up hill is not as easy as the down hill part, but it builds strength and endurance, it teaches me what I'm capable of. I have learned what I absolutely believe and what is the most important.