Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Doing Good

The second law of thermodynamics says that everything, left to itself, moves toward disorder. 
Our former bishop, Bishop Larsen, was fond of saying that good things don't just happen. 
This morning on the radio the man said that too often we wait for specific days of the year to do or to expect great things to happen. That we should take advantage of every day, and create good things, build good memories, help others. 
It isn't that hard; smile at a stranger, compliment your spouse, share vegetables from the garden, pray for someone, make an unexpected visit or phone call, write a note, bake cookies for someone. 
 A favorite poem, written by George Small, says this better than I: 
I read in a book about a man called Christ
Who went about doing good.
It is disconcerting to me 
That I am content 
With just going about.
So, I want to work on filling my days with good things, to avoid letting them move toward disorder, lack of achievement or purpose. This only happens as I put forth effort, and make good things happen.

Monday, August 24, 2009


Two of our favorite people share a birthday today, Ani ~ our only granddaughter, and Donna ~ our beautiful daughter in law.

 Scott and Donna
 Donna is such a great part of our family. Here are some of the things we love about her: 
She always gives us a loving, warm welcome when we visit
She has a wonderful smile
She is always ready for an outdoor adventure
She isn't afraid of hard work
She is open and honest
She loves our son and their boys
Dave and Ani
Ani is the one who turned us into grandparents
She is a wonderful big sister
She is one of the best sharers we know
She is very smart, and beautiful too
She loves to learn
She loves Heavenly Father 
We are so grateful to have Ani and Donna in our family. We have grown from a family of 7 to 20! Our children's spouses and children could not be more dear to us, we love them all! 
Happy Birthday Donna and Ani!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Our only Utah grandbaby

We didn't see much of Cache over the summer, but he had fun anyway. Look closely at his face, do you think he wants another try at the slide?

He is such a darling baby, we are excited to spend school hours with him a few times each week while his mom Krista teaches 6th grade. We sure love Cache!

Jet Boat Fun

On our day at the reservoir with Dave & Rachel, the kids loved this!

Summer 2009

Our summer has flown by, but it has been a lot of fun!

Dave in the pool with Bryar

At the 4th of July parade with Dave, Rachel, and Ike

We gave a squirt gun to each of the grandchildren, 
maybe we should have taught Bryar to watch behind his back.

Rachel and Dave's cute kids 

Jonas caught a snake

Carter loved swimming with Grandpa, they are now best friends.
 Baby Ike at the lake

Eating Fat Boys, it looks like Carter prefers the ice cream.
We spent some time on the Oregon Coast

The Devil's punchbowl

Walking from our hotel to the beach.
And we also had fun right here close to home

We hiked up to Timpanogos Cave

Inside the cave

Hiking the trail

We spent a day at the gardens at Thanksgiving Point,
thanks to $2 Tuesdays.

The picnic

The Koi pond

We got to see Jon and Amy at the temple

Temple Square was beautiful

scripture moment

One night in my scripture study, I read the words from the book of Malachi: "Return unto me, and I will return unto you..."(Malachi 3:7). When I remember to pause and pray before I begin reading, I find that my mind is more open and receptive to the meaning of the scriptures and their application in my life.
These thoughts came to me as I read. The Lord wants to be close to me, to all of us. It is my choices, my actions, that too often separate me from Him. But it is His constant invitation to me to return, and He will receive me. Like the parable of the prodigal son, our Father is waiting, watching, for me to 'come to myself' and go back to Him. I know from experience that no matter how long I have been gone, nor how far I am away, He sees me coming and runs to me, that there is always a warm and loving reception, and that nothing on earth can provide the peace and inner satisfaction of a personal relationship with my Father.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Here we go!

A few days ago I heard a man on the radio talking about the legacy we leave our children, and grandchildren. He suggested that we write our feelings about our country, what it was like as we grew up, etc. I have thought a lot about that and decided to do it, broadening the scope to include the three things that matter most to me; my God, my family, and my country. So here we go; I will be sharing thoughts that come as I read the scriptures, my feelings about liberty and freedom, and many pictures of the people I love. Let me know what you think.