Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April 22nd - 28th photos

 April 28th
two of my favorite people, mom and Robin

April 27th
Cache knows how to start the 4 wheeler, 
they better hide the key!

April 26th ~ two pictures today
Above: rain! we have been praying for rain
Below: we found a mostly empty journal of my dad's,
I love this page

April 25th
Chris and Gretchen, happily married
we sure love them

 April 24th ~ two again today
Above: Carter after his soccer game, I don't know how he ended up with so many treats!
Below ~ Krista is one of the funnest moms ever!

 April 23rd
Dave and I went to the temple 
and I got a quick shot of these flowers on my way in.

April 22nd
 Krista and Cache made this for me when dad died, 
it makes me smile and sometimes cry.

Monday, April 21, 2014

April 6th - 21st photos

I have lots to share this time, many pictures. It's been an eventful week.
April 21st
More Jude art: Jesus in pink with a kid and my dad (the one above Jesus).
 April 20th
Easter Sunday has deeper meaning this year and forever for me.
Because of Him
April 19th ~ 5 pictures today
Above ~ Scott with grandma
Below ~ 4 from the cemetary
Scott, Rick, and Steve were pallbearers
Steve taking advantage of a teaching moment with Cache

 April 18th
this cake was donated for Carter's 'No More Chemo' party 
by Pete Tidwell, AKA the mighty baker
 April 17th
our kids arrived today ~ here's my brother Jim with Scott
April 16th
two of grandpa's favorite candies, he knows how to motivate
 April 15th
two again today:
Above ~ the flag at my parents house at half staff
Below ~ the poster Cache made for us
 April 14th
two very important things happened today:
Above ~ our grandson Carter took his last chemo pill!
Below ~ my amazing dad passed away at 1:36 am

 April 13th
me with my sisters Krista and Holly
at our parents' house
weeding day, we had several bucketfulls 
 April 11
my awesome brother Jim holding dad's hand
after our family meeting
 April 10th
the first trimming of the grass for 2014 

April 9th
our planter boxes are ready to go ~ onions planted, strawberries coming back to life.
 April 8th
another old photo, this one is a such a good representation 
of my dad's personality and constant good cheer.
 April 7th
our daffodils, they just come up every spring. It's like magic.
April 6th
General Conference day 2

Saturday, April 5, 2014

April 1st - 5th photos

 April 5th
I worked on the bishop scrapbook today,
 it's filling up quickly - we took lots of pictures in 5 years!

April 4th ~ another day with two photos
Above - angel Moroni is in place on the Provo City Center temple
Below - it was a mini ward reunion at Caleb and Mybree's reception.

 April 3rd
I got to go watch Carter play soccer, he looked so happy and had lots of energy.

 April 2nd
took this picture as I left the house for my morning run, good thing the daffodils are hardy.
The snow was gone in just hours.
April 1st
at Mutual tonight the Mia Maids shared some of their favorite books and movies