Monday, March 31, 2014

March 24th - 31st photos

March 31st
My new Visiting Teachers, 
Michelle and Angela
 March 30th
we had another Sunday dinner group!
Chris and Gretchen, Joey, Justin, and Matt.
We sure love them.

 March 29th
My fabulous brother Jim and his wife Kathy, 
they are such a great team.
March 28th - two again
Above ~ I love Jude art!
this is a pig at the bacon factory, 
see how he is surrounded by spikes and teeth. 
Below ~ my awesome sister Krista surrounded by her fun family

 March 27th - two today
Above ~ today was my Uncle Dave's funeral,
this picture is him with our Rachel on her second birthday.
Below ~ our Carter after his last spinal chemo treatment, 
                                                and his port was removed too, happy day!

 March 26th
another old picture, my sister Connie with Scott and Greg

 March 25th
Rachel called today and told me that their dog Tick died over the weekend,
they were all very sad.
 March 24th
 definitely one of my favorite pictures ever.
Me, my dad and my sister Holly.
I love this picture because I'm all cuddled up with my dad,
and because my hair is longer than Holly's, for once.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

March 18th - 23rd photos of the day

 March 23rd
Our Sunday dinners aren't the same, but we did come up with a delicious original recipe today.
we call it 'Double Yum Shrimp with Pasta'.
March 22nd
we love it when the spring bulbs come up and bloom,
it takes no work on our part.
 March 21st
a surprise from Dave, 
we have been talking about replacing our sink for 10 years.
March 20th ~ two today
I found some old photos at my mom's house today
above ~ mom and dad on their wedding day
below ~ the family in 1964 or so, before a Daddy-Daughter date.

 March 19th
I saw the sunrise while out jogging this morning
March 18th
my mom taking such good care of my dad

Monday, March 17, 2014

March 10th - 17th photos

 March 17th
love the crocus coming up in the yard.
 Mach 16th
two today, the report cards Scott and Rick gave us one night years ago,
I think Rick was plenty ticked off about something!

 March 15th
we went to have dessert with the Harris family,
and we got hugs too!
 March 14th
Sister Pitt, my Mia Maid leader from so long ago
I was able to spend some time with her family today at the funeral of her husband.
I sure love her.
March 13th
getting started on the Bishop scrapbook
 March 12th
My study for the day, I love finding new messages in the scriptures!
 March 11th
notes I got during stake conference on Sunday,
just before and after I shared my testimony
March 10th
Jerilyn, Shawnie and me, about to be released as Stake RS presidency,
we sure missed Caren.

Monday, March 10, 2014

March 3rd - 9th

 March 9th ~
our amazing Krista, our married-in daughter

 March 8th
After the Rex Lee Run
Me and Carter's mom, our sweet Robin.
 March 7th ~ two again today
Above ~ Dave and Rachel's new business venture.
Below ~ the moving truck the Harris' rented, they're moving out tomorrow.

 March 6th
A little fence climbing to get to the school yard.
March 5th 
Vienna eating Cheerios with two spoons.
 March 4th
A little Jude art ~ Spiderman with toes and fingers.
 March 3rd
We have been reading a lot of Dr Seuss around here lately.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

February 24th - March 2nd

 March 2nd ~ two today
Brother Barlow, Bishop Bourne, and Brother Call
a couple hours before being released after 5 years.
Michelle, me, and Gaylene.
                                                   Bishopric wives on a bitter-sweet day.

March 1st
my dear friend Sheryl and me. We were beach pals back in the day in Huntington Beach. 
She is an amazing lady, sure love her.
 February 28th
Robin and Carter made this paper chain, 
the count-down is on to his last day of Chemo - April 14th!
 February 27th
a whole day with Vienna and Jude, so we made a fort.
As Rick said, 'good thing you had those animals to hold down the fort.'

February 26th
Vienna in the swing, it was hard to get a picture of her in action.
Fun park day.
 February 25th
Crocus in the back yard, spring can't be far behind.

 February 24th
me and Cache a few years ago, now he's 5!