Saturday, August 20, 2011

We finally did it!

We have lived in our house for over 7 years, and since we never decided on a paint color, we still have white walls. That is, until last week when we bought some paint and got to work.
And work it is! Our house isn't that big, but we do have 9 ft ceilings, and a vaulted ceiling in the living room which proved more than a challenge.
Here are some before/after shots:

spare bedroom #1 - before
spare bedroom #1 - after
front room - before
front room - after, check out the accent wall, it was Dave's idea
entry - before
entry - after
hall way - before
hall way - after
bedroom - before
bedroom - after
kitchen - before
kitchen - after
dining area - before
dining area - after
It was more work than I thought it would be, but I am SO pleased with the result.
We still have to paint the bathrooms so technically we aren't finished yet. And there is a pretty good sized stack of pictures to re-hang too. But for now we are just enjoying having some color on our walls.
I have to say that my husband is the best painter ever. He was up and down the ladder, moving the heavy furniture, and didn't slack off when it was clean-up time; he is a hard worker.
So, come see us, we'll let you help us hang the pictures!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

More Summer Fun

Summer goes so quickly, but we have had some fun this year, and hope to extend our summer attitude and activities well into the fall.
our anniversary collage ~ many years worth of memories
We celebrated our wedding anniversary, who knew we would ever be old enough to be married so long?
you can't learn to use a drill too soon
We got to have our grandson with us for a few nights while his parents went out of town.

Our hard work last spring is beginning to pay off, we are getting delicious vegetables from our garden.

our standard wedding gift
all packed up and ready for delivery
We have been invited to many weddings, 10 just in August!

it ended up being a free-for-all
The annual Pirate Party in the YSA ward was as fun as ever, Dave was part of the relay race in the pool.
And lest you think we are resting for the rest of the summer, we just bought paint for our house.
Our walls are still all white so after 7 years we are finally adding some color! 
We will share pictures of the finished product soon.