Friday, July 11, 2014

Photo of the day project complete! July 1st - 3rd photos

 July 3rd
lots of pictures today
one of my best birthday's ever!
 It started with a surprise at Lindsey's house.
I was meeting Robin and kids there for a knitting lesson,
and Van, Lindsey's 5 year old had these presents for me.
The picture below shows what he chose. What a cutie!

Robin made chocolate dipped strawberries!
All of my friends at work brought treats!
I usually take treats whenever it's someone's birthday,
so they all brought something to share today, so fun!
 We had pizza in the park for dinner with Steve and Robin and their families.
Ella wanted no part of the group picture.
 We have the cutest grandkids ever!
 July 2nd
found this on my window when I left work today,
Dave leaves 30 minutes before I do.
What I happy surprise.
July 1st
looked in my mom and dad's hall closet today
and I found his favorite lotion and shave cream.
I sure miss my dad!