Sunday, November 24, 2013

Nov 18th - 24th

 Nov 24th
a fun dinner group
Krista, Gretchen, Chris, Matt, Justin, Lauren, and Ashley

 Nov 23rd
Vienna's birthday gifts

 Nov 22nd
projects for birthdays and Christmas

 Nov 21st
mid-week dinner group
we had breakfast for dinner then watched '42'
Brian, Lisa, Joey, Jessica, Anna, Brenda, Lincoln, and Will

 Nov 20th
for Ella for Christmas

 Nov 19th
books I want to read next

 Nov 18th
what I'm reading now, in my not too frequent spare time.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Nov 12th - 17th

Nov 17th
A few ward members after the fireside last night 
where we were pleased to hear Elder and Sister Worthen.
Lisa, Jessica, Jessica, Michael, Lloyd, Joey, and Cameron.

 Nov 16th
my third day in the temple this week, 
I was a substitute Saturday morning and saw about 10 people I know.

Nov 15th
My beautiful daughter who is far away, in front of a famous lady.
Yes, she really was at the Louvre.

 Nov 14th
an updated picture of the construction of the Provo City Center temple.
It's coming along nicely.
Nov 13th
I read about the brother of Jared again today, I learn much from his experience.
Nov 12th ~ these two pictures are a hold over from yesterday, Veteran's Day
Dave in his very handsome Marine days
and my dad as a young sailor on the USS Iowa in WW2.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Nov 5th - 11th

Nov 11th
Dad reading a missionary letter from his grandson in Texas

 Nov 10th
Sunday dinner group
Will, Jenna, Joey, Micaela, Sam, Caleb, and Xerenie

 Nov 9th
Carol and Brian's wedding reception
She was the RS president when Dave became the YSA ward bishop.

 Nov 8th
I did my first shopping for Christmas today, 
fabric for fleece blankets for two of my favorite grandchildren.

 Nov 7th
Working on a Christmas gift for Ella.
This baby will have hair and clothes, and a pack with a bed.

Nov 6th
I went to the hand surgeon today to have my 'trigger finger' fixed.
A shot of steroids seems to have done the trick!

Nov 5th
This picture doesn't show it,  but Dad responds so well to babies.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Oct 28th - Nov 4th photos

 Nov 4th
braided apple-cream cheese bread for the service auction tonight.

 Nov 3rd
another fun dinner group. Most of them have left the ward, 
we're glad they still want to come spend time in our home. 
Carrie and her fiancee Steven, Jacob, Justin, Chris, John, 
and Marc and Andrea who will be married this Saturday.
 Nov 2nd
Birthday celebration lunch for Connie with my mom and sisters. I sure love these ladies!

 Nov 1st
we attended a fund-raising night at the Village Inn, raising money for this beautiful family who lost two family members in an awful car accident one month ago.
 Oct 31st
our last trick-or-treaters for the night ~ Moydie and Lindsay! 
It was wonderful to see them and we had a great visit.
 Oct 30th
we got to attend a great surprise birthday party tonight, planned by Dain for Annie.

 Oct 29th
I love my scripture study time, these are the notes I took today, 
reading about being a good wife.

 Oct 28th
this picture doesn't really show it, but today was a very blustery day.