Monday, June 30, 2014

June 22nd ~ 30th photos of the day

 June 30th
three today from the Cancer Awareness Ice Water Challenge
above: me after the dousing with Carter
below: with Jude
second below: necklace from the Childhood Cancer Society from the Harris family

 June 29th
the Freedom Festival Patriotic Service at the Marriott Center at BYU
I was too far away to get a good picture

June 28th
at the Bean Museum with Dave
June 27th
our lily corner in the backyard
 June 26th
three today
above: at the Bean Museum
two below: at the BYU Creamery
June 25th
Lunch was on NuSkin today
 June 24th
a bracelet I got to support my distant cousins Shane and Amy Haws
who are both being treated for cancer.
June 24th
Girl's Camp awards, I was a no-show at camp so this is what I got
June 23rd
the Clematis is still blooming!
June 22nd
we had a fun dinner and evening with Gaylene and Spencer Call and Chloe, Ryan and Tucker Coles

Saturday, June 21, 2014

June 7th - 21st pictures of the day

 June 21st
we released balloons today to celebrate our love for my dad
 June 20th
our lilies are starting to bloom
(sorry about the giant weed in the picture)
 June 19th
spending quality time with the grand children
Cars Monopoly
 June 18th
what I'm reading now
 June 17th
it was so cold today it snowed in the mountains!
we just got rain in the valley
 June 16th
Carter, our miracle grandson
He's going to love 'The BFG'
 June 15th
we stopped by dad's  grave today, 
mom goes by often and leaves reminders of her love for him.
We all miss him so much.
 June 14th
celebrating Father's Day the night before, just like we did for Mother's Day
in the same place ~ La Jolla Grove.

 June 13th
temple outing with the Mia Maids
Ally, Ashley, Whitney, Nicole, and Mckenna
June 12th
Steve's beautiful family
June 11th
flying our new flag, we're ready for Flag Day
June 10th

June 9th
the birthday card Krista helped Cache make for Dave

June 8th
a fun group for dinner, former 181st ward members
we will always love them!
they brought us a hymn book marked with the favorite hymns 
of lots of ward members, we love it!

June 7th
one of my favorite pictures of my mom, 
of course she's with my dad

Friday, June 6, 2014

May 22nd - June 6th photos of the day

June 6th
Happy birthday to my sweetie!

June 5th
adding a pavilion at the new temple site in Provo
 June 4th
strawberries from the garden ~
not so many this year, but they are delicious!
 June 3rd
 I got to spend some time with Cache and Ella today!

 June 2nd
one of my new favorite books
June 1st
our awesome Steve, he is such a great dad!
May 31st
peonies from the yard, they are so pretty.
May 30th
two today 
above ~ Carter and Jude
below ~ a beautiful rainbow

May 29th
my favorite dessert, I'm not sure how long it's been since I made this.
Apricot Cobbler, yummmmm!
May 28th
we finished redoing the deck today
 May 27th 
another two picture day
above ~ art from Carter 
below ~ pre-camp activity with the YW

May 26th
we gathered at the cemetary today, Dad's grave looked great.
May 25th
the Kratt brothers, Chris and Martin,
AKA Jude and Carter
May 24th
I've never seen a butterfly like this before
May 23rd
beautiful sunrise at the temple this morning

May 22nd
knitting day with Robin and Lindsay, Vienna loved playing with the yarn.