Monday, January 27, 2014

January 16th - 26th photos

 January 26th
another dinner group
Will, Alyson, Andrew, Whitney, Nathaniel, Ben, Lauralee, and Stephanie.
 January 25th
we spent the morning with Jude and Carter at the BYU Eyring Science Building
January 24th
a note Jude wrote and stuck on the wall
 January 23rd
the white board in my mom and dad's garage. 
My dad is a great teacher, he gets so excited about the gospel.
 January 22nd
Dave with the Donald Duck hat; having grandkids around is so much fun.
January 21st
Cache drew a picture for my mom, it's on her refrigerator but I got a picture of it.
 January 20th
Jude joined me during my morning scripture study this morning.
January 19th
another sunset shot coming home from church. 
The picture never looks as good as the real thing.
 January 18th
family movie night, Wreck It Ralph

 January 17th
our dinner table, we eat here every night now instead of at the snack bar

 January 16th
I had my first taste of Nutella today!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

January 6th - 15th photos

 January 15th
my favorite way to start my day
 January 14th
on our dishwasher
 January 13th
Dave is one of my heroes, such a good guy. Glad Rachel got him.
 January 12th
These kids love story time
 January 11th
a cool hat made by Grandma Sue
January 10th
reading a story in his own recliner
 January 9th 
"eating like a French"
 January 8th
ponies in our bathtub, a sure sign Vienna has been here

 January 7th 
co-workers during our break

 January 6th
we have a first grader in our house again!

Monday, January 6, 2014

December 30th - January 5th photos

 January 5th
dessert night with the cousins
January 4th 
dad and Blaine the superhero
 January 3rd
another one of the Provo City center temple progress
 January 2nd
these chips were delicious, too bad they don't sell them in the US

 January 1st
just relaxing and welcoming the New Year

 December 31st
a French welcome for 5 people we love and have missed for the past year

December 30th
a little bit of Christmas left