Friday, December 21, 2012

Merry Christmas!

 Our Christmas letter for 2012. I'm sure I missed a few loved ones when I mailed them out, so here it is for everyone. We love you all.

Merry Christmas!

It’s true that our Christmas letter has been on vacation for a few years, so consider this one a catch up issue. (There is a post on our blog with lots of pictures from the past few years, please visit at

Family Highlights, since last time
* Scott and Donna bought a house in New Meadows
* Carter was chosen to be Chief for a Day in Clark Co Washington
Trip to the USS Iowa, Karie’s family traveled to the Long Beach area together                  to see the battleship where her dad served during World War II.
* Family visits ~ from everyone over the past few years, we love it. 
* Vienna was born Dec 6 2010, so she just turned 2.
* neighborhood flag night ~ to honor a fallen Border Patrol agent related to our
     neighbor, we all lined the street holding our flags when they returned home
     from the airport with his was very touching.
* Steve and Krista bought a house in Provo
* Green smoothies ~ Dave makes them for us every morning
* We painted our walls, no more white ~ come see!

Our family by the numbers
60...pounds of strawberries from our garden each spring and summer
100s...people who saw Rick land the Life Flight helicopter on the football field
14...the age of our oldest grandchild
15...years we have been in Utah
37...years we have been married; who knew we would ever get so old?
over 5000...miles to Robin and Dennison’s new, temporary home we bought to plant in our yard last summer, we had all volunteers
4...the stage of Christmas we are in

We love to hear...
“I love you the mostest” ~ from Jonas & Bryar
      whenever we tell them we love them
“I’m going to be a big brother’ ~ from Cache last summer
‘Do you have any gum in your purse?’ ~ from Ike when he calls me from Idaho
‘Do you want to Skype?’ ~ from Robin
‘We’re coming to see you’ ~ from anyone whenever you can come

Much has happened in our family during the past few years.
We have learned more about the love and mercy of our Heavenly Father. We have experienced the power of combined faith and prayers, and thank you for those prayers and your concern and kindness. We have had joyous times with our wonderful family. We have had tasted the sweetness of service in our Savior’s name and come to love others as never before. We have learned more than we ever cared to know about Leukemia and seen love in action as friends, family, and strangers have supported our little Carter. We have seen prayers answered and amazing growth in family members.
We share with you, those we love, our witness that Jesus is our Savior. He loves us more than we can imagine and gives strength, comfort and joy as we meet the challenges and opportunities of life. We love Him and wish you the happiest of Christmases as we all celebrate His birth, life and miraculous love for us.

        with much love,
            Dave and Karie

The Four Stages of Christmas
1 ~ Believing in Santa
2 ~ Not believing in Santa
3 ~ Being Santa
4 ~ Looking like Santa