Saturday, March 27, 2010

Holy Week

Spring is such a welcome time of year. We love the warmer air, the gradual greening of our grass, and the first shoots of tulips and daffodils that promise color and beauty in our yard once again.
It seems that the sacred events that took place in the early spring so many years ago and so far away too easily escape my attention.
Tomorrow is Palm Sunday, the anniversary of the Savior's 'triumphal entry' into Jerusalem, marking the beginning of the last week of his mortal life.
The events of that week are recorded in the Holy Bible, at least some of them are. There must have been other things that happened that we have no record of, but we do know that he taught powerfully through parables we have come to know and love. He told his disciples about his eventual coming in glory, and the events that would proceed it. He defended the sanctity of his Father's house-the temple-as he cleared out the moneychangers and those who sold animals for sacrifice in that sacred place. He spent time in Bethany with those he loved. He celebrated the Passover with his apostles and prayed mightily in the Garden on the Mt of Olives. He was betrayed, tried, and convicted. He was cruelly beaten and crucified. He suffered for us in the Garden of Gethsemane and on the cross on Calvary that we 'might not suffer if we will repent'.
He was laid in the tomb of a friend, and he rose again on a beautiful spring morning.
He then spent 40 days teaching his beloved apostles, preparing them further for the great work he had for them to do.
How truly blessed we are to have knowledge of the life of our Savior, to know of his amazing and saving love and mercy. I once heard someone on a Sunday morning radio program say this ~
Mercy is not getting what we deserve,
Grace is getting what we don't deserve.
I am so grateful for the Savior Jesus Christ, for the part he continually offers to play in my life, for his constant invitation - 'Come unto me'. I am grateful for covenants I have been privileged to make to follow him, to serve him, to do as he would do in my place. I am grateful and amazed at the experiences I have been blessed with, when I have felt the love, peace, and assurance that only he can bring.
I share with you my witness that he lives. He is aware of each of us, he knows our joys and our sorrows; he knows our hearts and can change us to be the version of us he intends us to be. He will be intimately involved in our personal lives as we turn to him and welcome him in.
I love him ~ he is my Savior, my Redeemer, my Rescuer, my Joy. He makes everything in my life better.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Garden 2010

It's a sure sign of spring when the gardening begins. Last Saturday we planted peas, and bought corn seeds, although it's still too early to plant them. We love our garden; since our kids are all gone and we don't have pets, we spend time in the garden.

Dave placed the peas and I pushed them down, covered them up, and documented the process with photos.
We never cease to marvel at the miracle of putting tiny seeds in the ground, tending them well, and getting delicious, nutritious, life-sustaining fruit. We are excited for the peas, lettuce, spinach, strawberries, squash, peppers, and tomatoes to come!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Current Reading List

I saw this chart on Glenn Beck's TV show a day or two ago and would like to share it with you.
It shows how the processes put in place by our Founding Fathers in the Constitution to protect liberty and freedom have been circumvented.

I am not sure what lies in the future for our country and the liberties passed down to us by those who paid a high price for them. I feel a need to educate myself regarding the principles our government was founded upon and have found several books to read on this topic.
The 5000 Year Leap ~ A Miracle that Changed the World by Skousen
I read this book a couple years ago, and plan to re-read it soon.
The Forgotten Man by Amity Shlaes
I read this one while in WA with Robin when Jude was born, it is a bit over my head and I need to read it again too.
The Federalist Papers by Hamilton, Madison, and Jay
I tried this one while still in Idaho, it is difficult reading for me but I find it referenced so often I am going to give it another try.
Vindicating the Founders: Race, Sex, Class, and Justice in the Origins of America by Thomas G West
I just finished this one yesterday and highly recommend it. It gives an accurate perspective on controversial issues as the Founders saw them in their day. Very, very good.
A Patriot's History of the United States by Schweikert & Allen
I am just starting this one, it is longer than the others I have listed, 800+ pages, but goes 'From Columbus's Discovery to the War on Terror'.
Please share with me any books or websites that you have found which teach the original principles of freedom as our Founders established them.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Recent Birthdays

We have had two more birthdays in the family recently ~ Cache and his beautiful mom Krista. Dave and I love having Cache here so often, he lightens up our lives. And we are amazed at Krista, she is such a good mom and wife. She has a soft heart for everyone she knows and has accomplished much in her young life. And she takes great photos, someday we will have her take a professional picture of us. We love you Krista and Cache!

Friday, March 12, 2010

A New Project

I have been working on these cute booties lately; it seems we are often in need of a baby gift. The first pair went to our darling niece Julie who is expecting her first baby soon, and Annie's new baby Will got the second pair. These are up for grabs ~ we do have quite a list of expectant moms.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Scriptures and Revelation

A few days ago I found myself once again in 1 Nephi, as I continue my reading of the Book of Mormon. I don't know how many times I have read those first words recorded in this book which has become so precious to me, certainly they are dear and very familiar. My challenge is to see beyond the familiarity, to understand what the Lord intended when he inspired Nephi-and the prophets who followed him-to write this record we embrace as another witness of Jesus Christ.
I have learned that my scripture study is more meaningful and productive when I kneel and pray before I begin. I trust in the words Jesus spoke to his apostles shortly before his death ~
But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you. (John 14:26)
I pray for the Holy Ghost to be with me as I read and study, that the message the Lord has for me will be brought clearly to my mind. I have heard it said the when we want to speak to the Lord we pray, and when we want to hear him speak to us we read scripture. I have found that when I approach this unmerited privilege of reading the words of God humbly and prayerfully, he does speak to me, not only through the printed words but through the ministration of the Holy Ghost who teaches me, bringing insights and ideas for personal application to my mind. I often write these ideas that come, and know that they are not my thoughts - they came from my loving Father.
The scriptures are a conduit from the Lord to us; through them we can know his will for us as individuals. Scripture study puts us in a position to hear the messages our Father would give us, it sets the stage for sacred personal revelation and guidance.