Sunday, December 29, 2013

December 24th - 29th photos of the day

 December 29th
Stake Sacrament meeting today, we saw some deer on our way in,
there turned out to be about 8 of them.
December 28th ~ two today
We attended Jenny and Will's wedding reception,
and even got a picture with them.

 December 27th
we got to attend Chris and Tina's 
wedding reception!

 December 26th
I found this today,
cut outs of Liam's hands from 9 years ago
We sure love him!
December 25th
our attempt at a self portrait of us wearing the coats Rick sent

December 24th
two from today
The Pope family carolers
a small part of our big family gathered around mom and dad's bed
to read Luke 2 and sing some Christmas Carols

Monday, December 23, 2013

December 19th - 23rd pictures of the day

 December 23rd
the birthday of one of my heroes today,
Joseph Smith was born 208 years ago.
I'm so grateful for all he did.

December 22nd
we invited all ward member who had not left town for Christmas
to have dinner with us, we got 10 of them.
Drake and Christina, Eric, Brenda, Kramer, John, Michael, Daniel, Xerenie, and McKie.
December 21st
candle light dinner commemorating the winter solstice;
we talked about darkness and light, 
so grateful that the Savior came and overcame all darkness
with His light.

 December 20th
Santa did me a huge favor in delivering this box of gifts.
 December 19th
Robin and Dennison celebrating a birthday and a graduation in a beautiful place.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

December 11th - 18th photos

December 18th
Christmas at our house

 December 17th
more wedding cookbooks for Christmas weddings.
I think I've made about a million of these.

 December 16th
Dave had the lens in his eye replaced this morning,
then he slept off the anesthetic all day.
He vision is much better now.

December 15th
some YSA ward members after the stake musical fireside

 December 14th
this is Cache's method of keeping Ella out of the cupboard, clever boy.

 December 13th
guess which 'stage of Christmas' we are in

 December 12th
this package came in the mail today!

December 11th
new rule at our house ~ we need to eat the salad 
before we can fill the bowl with ice cream

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

December 2nd - 10th photos

  Dec 10th
my mom and dad's Christmas mantle
 Dec 9th
Bishopric and High Councilor with wives at the ward Christmas dinner
Clark and Saralee Swenson, Dave and me, Chad and Michelle Barlow, 
and Spencer and Gaylene Call.

 Dec 8th
dinner group
Megan, Cameron, Kayla, Ryan, Ann, Rachel, and Marc
and our home teachers Skyler and John Clark

 Dec 7th
Dinner at the Swenson's, I should have taken a picture with people in it.

 Dec 6th
two for today
above, my clever sister taking dad down the hall for breakfast
and below, me with Vienna and Carter a couple years ago,
happy birthday Vienna!

 Dec 5th
my scripture study this month,
harmony of the gospels ~ it's been a great experience so far.

 Dec 4th
NuSkin employee Christmas party.
Yes, that is LeAnn Rimes, in person.

 Dec 3rd
first real snowstorm of the season, 
Dave got to use the snow blower.

 Dec 2nd
two pictures of French Christmas decorations,
Thanks Robin.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Nov 25 - Dec 1

 Dec 1st
the sunset we saw on our way home from church
 Nov 30th
Steve and Cache at Dylan's baptism lunch

 Nov 29th
a classic picture we found today,
Lindsay, Robin, and Annie

 Nov 28th
three for today,
a pickle grab,
our Thanksgiving table,
and almost all of the pies

 Nov 27th
our turkey with Tootsie Pop feathers

 Nov 26th
I made Broccoli Cheese soup 
and Lemon brownies this morning.
 Nov 25th
went running this morning

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Nov 18th - 24th

 Nov 24th
a fun dinner group
Krista, Gretchen, Chris, Matt, Justin, Lauren, and Ashley

 Nov 23rd
Vienna's birthday gifts

 Nov 22nd
projects for birthdays and Christmas

 Nov 21st
mid-week dinner group
we had breakfast for dinner then watched '42'
Brian, Lisa, Joey, Jessica, Anna, Brenda, Lincoln, and Will

 Nov 20th
for Ella for Christmas

 Nov 19th
books I want to read next

 Nov 18th
what I'm reading now, in my not too frequent spare time.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Nov 12th - 17th

Nov 17th
A few ward members after the fireside last night 
where we were pleased to hear Elder and Sister Worthen.
Lisa, Jessica, Jessica, Michael, Lloyd, Joey, and Cameron.

 Nov 16th
my third day in the temple this week, 
I was a substitute Saturday morning and saw about 10 people I know.

Nov 15th
My beautiful daughter who is far away, in front of a famous lady.
Yes, she really was at the Louvre.

 Nov 14th
an updated picture of the construction of the Provo City Center temple.
It's coming along nicely.
Nov 13th
I read about the brother of Jared again today, I learn much from his experience.
Nov 12th ~ these two pictures are a hold over from yesterday, Veteran's Day
Dave in his very handsome Marine days
and my dad as a young sailor on the USS Iowa in WW2.