Saturday, September 28, 2013

Sep 26th - 28th photos of the day

Sep 28th
my mom and dad, and sisters Laurie and Krista with me 
right before the RS broadcast
Sep 27th 
2 today!
at the BYU Choir Showcase concert
 Dave with Seth and Steve
and with Brianna and Sarah

 Sep 26th
the first snow of the season 
up on the mountain

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sep 20th - 25th

 Sep 25th
the sunrise this morning sent me running for my camera, it was magnificent!
 Sep 24th
Cookie baking day, Jenny's recipe makes about 3 months worth.

 Sep 23rd
we picked and bottled all the ripe tomatoes in the garden,
got 17 quarts!
 Sep 22nd
We spent the morning with the McMahan family,
some of our favorite people.

 Sep 21st
YSA 181 ward RS ladies at the stake RS breakfast,
it took 2 pictures to get them all in. We sure love all of them.

 Sep 20th
4 ladies from the YSA ward ~
Amy, Lisa, Annie, and Kimberly at the Provo temple

Thursday, September 19, 2013

September 14th - 19th

Sept 19th
8 mile run this morning, 
this makes it all worth it - the perfect recovery drink.
Sept 18th 
5 members of the YSA ward came to fix us diinner,
Curry Chicken with rice ~ it was delicious.
Sept 17th
the beautiful sunrise this morning.
Sept 16th
YSA ward FHE, smart shopping tips.
Sept 15th
Our monthly YSA stake Relief Society training, 
we had our biggest group ever.
Sept 14th
Looks like Muffin day after church tomorrow.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Sep 4th - 13th

 Sept 13th
Relief Society jam night

Sept 12th
I bought tickets today for the Choir Showcase in a couple weeks, we are excited!

Sept 11, two today
Ann, Sarah, Brian, and Carol
they had dinner with us tonight to celebrate Carol and Brian's engagement!

Sept 11th
I love this picture!

Sept 10th
We saw Abby one last time before she enters the MTC tomorrow!

Sept 9th
We had FHE with the Storrs family at Rock Canyon park

Sept 8th
Sunday dinner group ~ Chelsea, India, Brian,

Sept 7th
big rainstorm today, Dave went out for milk and got drenched on his way back to the car.

Sept 6
Rick and me several years ago, we sure love him.

Sept 5th
we saw this beautiful rainbow right out our back door

Sept 4th
our mid week dinner group, Andrew, Kimberly, Joey, Janene, Will, and Laura.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

August 27th - September 3rd

 Sept 3rd
my sister Krista and her daughter Katie
demonstrating the Rocket Stove they made
Sept 2nd
I saw this truck today with the writing on the window and thought of our tough little Carter

 Sept 1st 
Steve sent us this picture of Arlington National Cemetery

 Aug 31st
Joey and Andrew came over to watch the BYU game with us 
and had a little fun with the bishop

 Aug 30th
Steve sitting in Senator Mike Lee's chair in Washington DC

 August 29th
fresh fruit is one of the best things about fall

Aug 28th
more produce from the garden

Aug 27th
Dave had a doctor's office visit the morning after his surgery 
and who should we see but Rachel, a former member  of
the YSA ward who is now working there.